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When most people say they are local, they mean they have an office in your community.  While that is true of us, when we say we are local we mean we are a part of your community. Rebecca, is a native Wacoan. She is involved with charities and organizations that benefit Waco, TX, and stands on the firm belief that it is her duty and pleasure to invest time and money in the city that we call home.

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As an independent agent, we offer a choice of multiple insurance carriers, coverages, price, and more. Our main focus is to find the insurance coverage that suits your unique needs and protects your home and business.  In addition, we know you have a choice when selecting a local independent agent. We will earn your trust through our regular communication, personal relationships, and community involvement.  Join our agency family today!

Our Level of Service

To this agency, service means you will know who we are as people and we want to know the same about you.  That is one of the greatest advantages of working with a local insurance agent.  You can rest assured that we will be there to make sure your interests are protected and not forgotten.






For What Moves You

Auto Insurance

We shop a wide selection of providers!

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For the Daily Retreat

Home Insurance

We help you get the coverage you need and save money!

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For Your Business

Commercial Insurance

Making sure your livelihood is protected!


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If you are in the market for personal or commercial insurance, you have many different options at your disposal. There are numerous websites dedicated to helping you shop for insurance, as well as networks of captive agencies that sell insurance for a specific company. An Independent Insurance Agency offers some unique advantages to the insurance marketplace. Please see below why an independent insurance agent might be what you are looking for.

Independent Benefits

"An independent insurance agency can provide unbiased advice when shopping for insurance."

When you work with an independent insurance agency, their main goal is normally to align with the needs and wants of their customers, not with a company’s push to sell a particular policy or product. Independent agents work with countless different insurance companies and therefore have more resources available to them to find good insurance products for you.

"You will receive a personal shopping experience for insurance that you will not find from a captive agency or online platform."

An independent insurance agency can serve as a personal shopper - taking the time to understand your needs (whether personal or professional) so that you have a tailored insurance policy for your personal needs or business. Online shopping may seem to provide this as well, but it does not provide the knowledge or experience to understand what insurance is truly needed for your home and business.

"An independent agency provides you with the convenience of one-stop insurance shopping and support for your personal and/or business needs."

Having your policies fulfilled through one agency can help save you time and money. Whether it be your home and auto insurance or insurance coverage for your business, an independent insurance agency can offer you the coverage you need on a personal and professional level. So, if you buy a new boat for leisure or your business expands, you only have one call to make and an agent that will be with you every step of the way.

"Independent insurance agencies can handle complex situations, including poor driving records or credit scores, extensive claim history, and more."

Captive agents are limited to their company alone. If you have a complicated driving record, poor credit, or extensive home or business claims, an independent insurance agent can sort through numerous companies to find the coverage you need. Online platforms will decline any need that is too complex (or provide an inaccurate, exorbitant rate) since their algorithms cannot process such details. An independent agent can provide you with different options, giving you the power to choose.

"The Retention Power of the Independent Insurance Agency"

Many independent agencies assist families and businesses for multiple generations, providing coverage for those individuals for more than 20 years. The average length of time a customer stays with an independent agent is around 10-15 years. This is mainly due to the flexible ability independent agents have to market their insured’s policies within their agency. Their client’s needs and wants are the focus of their business.

"Local knowledge & Experience - independent agents live and work where you do!"

Independent insurance agents live and work in the same area that you do. They understand the risks associated with your home and/or business and know the insurance products for their area.

"Independent insurance agents are resources for insurance knowledge."

Insurance is complicated. Requirements that are necessary for one state may not be in another, and sometimes, policies may not clearly convey what is covered and what is not. Your independent insurance agent understands the details of each policy they sell and will take the time to explain them to you.

"Independent insurance agents value continuing education."

Independent insurance agents are licensed through the state, and are required to take continuing education classes that include ethics courses. They also keep up to date with all the new legislation that surrounds Texas and Insurance.  As experts within their field, your independent insurance agent will work hard to select a policy that centers around your goals and objectives.

"An independent insurance agency is an advocate for their insured."

Insurance Claims can be complicated. Independent Insurance Agents work with their carriers and their customers to find the solutions that benefit all parties concerned. Independent Insurance Agents are a resource for their customers to help them navigate through the claims process and to make sure their needs are being meet if possible.

"Independent insurance agencies actively support the communities they serve!"

Most independent insurance agencies are pillars within their communities, supporting various non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams, environmental initiatives - you name it. They live in and care for the same community you do, so you can count on them to care about your needs as if they were their own.

Here at Shivers & Associates Insurance, we have been providing residents across Waco, TX,
with personal and business coverage since 1978.

Our knowledgeable agents understand the policies needed for all different situations and are focused on providing each and every one of our customers

with the protection they need and deserve at a price they can afford. We would love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn more:

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