Protect your property, protect your family.

At Shivers & Associates we understand the importance of your home. We want to help protect your home the best way we can. Everyone deserves quality customer service, whether you own your home or are renting. We have the companies at our disposal to find the best insurance solution for you.

We value our customers. What you care about is important to our agency.  Please contact us today to discuss the best way to protect your home from disaster.
Coverage Enhancement Options:
  • Scheduled Personal Property (Jewelry, Guns, Fine Arts, Etc.)

  • Identity Theft Coverage

  • Foundation Coverage

  • Water Seepage & Leakage Coverage

  • Water Back Up & Sewer Coverage

  • Extended Personal Liability

Personal Umbrella Coverage:

An Umbrella policy is an extra layer of liability protection for you and your family. Personal Liability can be construed to mean many things, but in the event of a catastrophic accident or event, you don’t want to be short on this coverage. A Personal Umbrella Policy can be the difference for many people in their time of need.  Please ask our Agency about this coverage today.